Tips for coming Pregnant!

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– Learn proper Relaxation Technics, like Meditation. The best Guarantee to come pregnant is to be relaxed. While Stress the Body usually avoids to get a baby.

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– Nature can be surprising and you can come pregnant nearly any time, but to have Sex (be intimate) especially while your high fertile Days is most promising. It is said, that the Sperm can be alive up to 5 Days, while the Egg just a few Hours. That does mean, from around 5 Days before, till and including your Ovulation (where your egg is released into the uterus) are the best Days.

– Some additional Note about Relaxation and avoiding Pressure.
It is not just about “to get” a Kid,  you should be ready mentally and also financial, to raise and support your kid properly. That does include you should be able to provide a good Education, a safe Environment and Time you can spend with your Kid. As you can see many examples in the World where lots of Kids come born and suffering is a daily experience, making a kid is the easy part, to raise it comes the challenge.
Really take Responsibility and remember raising up a kid is always more about giving than taking, than all will be just fine. :)

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